10 Tips You Need To Know When You Date Filipino Women


There is a growing number of Filipinas dating foreigners and if you are a Westerner who also wants to hitch a Pinay, then perhaps you are wondering how those men easily win the heart of the women who are clinging on their arms. Well, Filipinas are not easy to please and are hard to convince.

If you want to date Filipino women, here’s a how-to-do list for you. If you are determined in dating a Pinay and eventually marrying one, this will be very helpful for you.

#1 Be Polite

In general, Filipinas are conservative and demure. Yes, there are hot chicks, bar girls, and flirty Pinays too but the majority of the women in the Philippines are shy and reserved. Their culture taught them to put a high regard on themselves.

So, be very careful with your behavior whenever you are with her. Watch your words, don’t ask offensive questions be. Most importantly, don’t make any sexual advances because it will turn her off.

#2 Talk with humor

Filipinas are bubbly and friendly. They laugh easily and they love to have fun. If you have great stories or joke to share, don’t hesitate to crack it as long as it is not offensive.

#3 Don’t be touchy

In the West, girls don’t mind touching and kissing even on first dates. However, this is a big no-no in the Philippines. We are talking here about the majority of the Filipino women, not the bar girls and go-go girls you meet on clubs and discos.

While there are liberated women in the country, Filipinas, in general, remain shy and reserved. They are not comfortable with men touching them or flirting with them. Just act naturally and do not ever make her feel uncomfortable.

#4 Be a gentleman

You will never go wrong by being a gentleman. Filipinas still love this trait and they still prefer to have a boyfriend or husband who possesses this attribute.

By being a gentleman you should practice “thank you” and “please,” dress decently and avoid the f-bomb and other ways of swearing. Be kind and respectful all the time. You can also show this by opening the door for her or offering her a seat.

#5 Be generous

If you are wooing a girl, whether it’s a Westerner, a Filipino or not spending something for your woman is always a point for you. If you can afford to buy her flowers, chocolates, give her family a present and treat her to a tour, that would be a big plus for you.

When you are out on a date, pay for your meal. Some modern Filipinas don’t think that this is necessary anymore but if you want to impress your date, this will work.

Also, if you hesitate to spend, she might think that you are broke. There are already a lot of cheap men in her country and she doesn’t want a foreigner to be added to the list.

She wants a man who can afford a family and one way of making her feel this is by being generous. You don’t need to be luxurious but give when it is needed. Also, give her presents during your anniversary, on her birthday and other special occasions that you will be sharing together.

#6 Learn to cook Filipino food

Filipinos love food. In fact, if you are dating one and you visited her home, you will probably agree that there’s a feast whenever there are occasions.

If you have slept in her place and if she’s still with her family, their breakfast will blow you away. Usual breakfast includes tocino, tapa, hotdog or corn beef paired with egg, rice, and coffee. Filipinos love food and if you are skilled in the kitchen, this will be a big plus, you will definitely impress her.

#7 Be kind to her family

Filipinos are family-oriented and they have a tightly-knit family. If you’re a foreigner looking to marry a Filipino woman, you should be kind to her family. The people around her matters to her.

Their opinions and feedback about you will help you make or break it.So always be respectful, courteous and polite whoever is entertaining you in her home.

#8 Show interest in her culture

Since you came from different cultures, it would impress her if you make her feel that you are interested in learning and understanding her roots.

You can ask questions, learn to speak in Filipino or in her local dialect and try their exotic food. Try to eat balut, mango with bagoong or dinuguan. You can also try to learn a Filipino song and serenade her.

#9 Learn the things that entertain her and her family

For instance, most Filipinos enjoy karaoke. They have this natural inclination in singing. In fact, karaoke is always part of parties or celebrations. If they invite you to join in the singing, don’t turn them down.

They are also fond of games and dancing, though not as much with singing. So, if they want you to participate, just play along. Filipinos are not difficult to please when it comes to entertainment because they love to laugh.

#10 Reach out to her family

This is different from being kind because this suggests that you exert effort in getting close to her family. This might mean sitting for a drink with her dad and brothers, going with her mom and tita to the mall or market, and playing with her younger siblings, nieces and nephews.

Filipina women have huge families and dating one will open your doors to them. Don’t make her family feel intimidated because most Filipino families feel inferior with a foreigner but they are always accommodating and hospitable. So, in return, don’t make it hard for everyone, be friendly and approachable.

Dating A Filipino Woman, Worth It

Dating a Filipina woman needs time, dedication and patience. You also need to spend but don’t squander your money, especially if you want to build a family. Always consider her family because they will always matter to her, so it helps a lot if you get along well with her clan.

Although dating a girl from the Philippines is quite challenging, ending up with one for marriage is worth it. A number of foreigners who married a Filipina wife are happy with their married life.

If you want to date a girl from the Philippines, start your search by joining online dating sites. This is the best outlet to find one. Do not delay you search so you can find your girl soon.

Do you have other tips on how foreigner men should date Pinays or Filipina women? Share us your thoughts on our comment section.



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