Seriously Thinking of Marrying Filipina Girls?


We American men are looking for friendship, maybe even lifelong love and like what we’ve seen and heard about interracial marriages.

Wanting to try our own luck, we are stunned at being spoiled for choice. It seems we’re the apple of the eye for women nearly everywhere – Russia, Mexico, elsewhere in Latin America, Japan, Sweden, even Canada – who openly advertise themselves as willing to marry an American.

But you’ve also heard many good things about Filipina girls making a fine, loving wife.

Sounds great! But how to make sure the waters are “safe” before dipping a toe in them?

Catholic Raised & Bred

To my mind, the most valuable virtue of Filipina girls is her having been raised in a predominantly Catholic country where divorce and abortion remain anathema, outright illegal.

Coming to you from the internet with wide open eyes, most any Filipina girl takes the “…till death do us part” vow with utmost seriousness.

It is a commitment for life that you have to admire, even if life sometimes deals their husbands a lousy hand in the form of pink slips and threatening letters from creditors.

The usually cynical Citizenship and Immigration Service notes that the four to six thousand internet weddings that take place each year last substantially longer than the norm, a devastating 50% divorce rate for American marriages

Filipina girls consider it her duty to support you and build you up, for life. Wife-beating husbands are an exception, of course, but they are wherever.

Educated and Working

A second thing you can count on is the great ease of making the transition to American culture and ways.

The city-bred Filipina girls are highly educated, thanks to the dozens of colleges and universities around Manila, Cebu and other cities around the archipelago. And nearly everyone engages in some entrepreneurial activity or looks to be employed while waiting for “Mr. Right”.

That’s a wonderful thing if a dual-income family is what you have in mind.

And it’s not just the education either. In a bilingual culture, American music, magazines, movies, celebrities and internet sites predominate.

Some Filipinas have travelled around East Asia, China, Europe and even the States. And oh my, the American and European brands they’re used to in local malls: Marks and Spencer, DKNY, Bergamo, Marlboro, Calvin and Anne Klein, Cartier, Maytag, Florsheim, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Naf Naf, the Ford Expedition, Hershey bars, California wines, Starbucks and every international fast food chain worthy of the name.

You might even be served roast turkey when in town, just during the “wrong” season. So this tells you that Filipina girls can run through her credit card balances (and yours) fast. But she does not expect you to take her shopping in Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue

Traditional Virtues Including Chaperones

Now if you want unspoiled beauty, it will be good to look around for the Filipina girl who resides in the communities of the Manila and Cebu metropolitan areas or, farther away from the beaten track, in some bucolic fishing town or quiet upland “barrio”. She has at least a High School education and access to the Internet or else she would never have carried a meaningful conversation in your favorite Filipina site.

She may have a clerical job in the city during the week but single Filipina girls are still expected to go home to family on weekends.

Traditional virtues die hard, including the one about suitors coming, visiting and formally asking her parents for her hand (and a date for a church wedding) before a loving couple is allowed free rein for some unchaperoned swimming. In turn, however, you get the royal treatment.

Unlike her city counterparts, a Filipina girl in the countryside does not believe in singles bars or a dizzying succession of relationships.

She does not even drink!

And elders frown when she dares to light up. So don’t even float the idea of sharing recreational drugs. This is not California.

For all their Western patina of sophistication, Filipina girls offer many redeeming virtues.

And if you’ve heard that you’re really marrying a whole clan whose needs you will be expected to help with, the upside is that Filipino families cherish their American sons-in-law.



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